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Georgian teacher training

On 10th of October, National Centre of teachers development of Georgia carried out a training for teachers. Main aim of the training was introducing living animals in national curriculum. This approach of innovative studies is implementing in four countries at same time: Georgia, Hungary, Germany and Romania. In framework of project ELENA, there were prepared and translated following modules: ants and butterflies.


It should be noted that in a short time there were 60 teachers registered for the training course. For this training only 18 were chosen, based on several principles. First of all organizers took into account their experience in environmental studies and their extracurricular activities in term of organizing the eco-clubs. Secondly they were chosen according the regions they presents, in order to cover whole Georgia.

The training covered the connections between modules and national curriculum, structure and characteristics of each topic, possible difficulties of implementation as well as the specific activities which will contribute to the students, to gain new researching skills.

After the training, new online platform has been set up for teachers, where they are able to share their experience, as well as, answer each other’s question and cope all the expected obstacles together. Although the training was one month ago, teachers have already implemented the first module. As it seems from teachers reports, student’s interest is very high. They participated in searching process of ants and prepared the ant farms. During the working period little researchers are observing ant’s behavior, and learning that even the smallest living organism has its own role in environment.

All this modules and experience of each teacher will accessible for all other interested person, in order to disseminate project idea, support achieving the goals of the project and make lessons more attractive.