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ANL leads trans-European project ELENA

ELENA is a trans-European cooperative project of partners from Germany, Hungary, Romania and Georgia with the aim to promote the awareness of nature and the responsibility for nature. The Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) is leading the project.

The technical and educational approaches were already tested in the highly successful Bavarian model project “Tiere live” in practice: On this occasion, living animals are used in teaching and are co-supervised responsibly by students. The aim is to bring this experience to our European neighbors for application, to develop them and promote “Tiere live” internationally.

ELENA statistics

  • Project budget: around 400.000 Euros funded by the European Union Lifelong Learning Program LLP, Comenius
  • 11 partner organizations from four countries
  • Approximately 70 participating scientists and practitioners
  • The aim is the training of 1.200 teachers in “Tiere live” about multipliers
  • Term: November 2013 to October 2016