Biosphärenregion Berchtesgadener Land (BR BGL) is an international designated UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1990. It is the only alpine biosphere reserve in Germany and part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The aim of the biosphere reserve is to ensure environmental, economic and social sustainability and act as a model region.

BR BGL is located in the Berchtesgaden Alps, in the southeast of Bavaria at the border to Austria and covers an area of 840km², which is divided into a core area, a buffer zone and a transition area. The biosphere reserve expanded in 2010 and currently comprises the whole administrative district 'Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land´ consisting of 15 communities and cities.

The region depends mostly on tourism; small-scale agriculture gives the landscape its characteristical features.
The administrative post of Biosphärenregion Berchtesgadener Land is a branch office of the district government of Upper Bavaria. Education for Sustainable Development is a crucial part of the work of the administrative post of BR BGL.

Role of BR BGL in ELENA project:
BRBGL is developing a new activity for the existing ´Tiere live´ module bees. The product will be new teaching material with focus on value and endangerment of bees.

Dissemination of the project at schools within the range of BR BGL and supporting teachers during implementation and evaluation of new ELENA/Tiere live modules and activities are further tasks within the project.

Biosphärenregion Berchtesgadener Land