ELENA Project

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  • Alexander Rukhaia

    AlexanderMr. Alexander Rukhaia has been in charge of financial and administrative aspects of the company since its creation in April 2013. He holds an MSc in International Relations, as well as global academic certificate in International policy and has acquired extensive experience in organizational and project management, as well as program formulation and strategic planning during his professional engagements with different national and international organizations since 2001. During the past three years, Mr. Rukhaia has been working for the Batumi Raptor Count, where he was responsible for the wildlife conservation projects, development of ecotourism and visitor services.

  • Alexandru Tacoi

    P5 S.G.21. Alexandru TacoiHe is the head teacher of the school and he is a teacher of physics and chemistry. He has got a Master Degree in Educational Management. He has got a lot of experience in working with Comenius and other projects some of them dealing with environment. His role in the project is to manage the financial part of the project, to participate in activities related to the project – activities with children based on the chapters from Tiere Live, training courses, teachers training courses for the cascading.

  • Anca Mihaela Voineag - teacher of computer science, school inspector at School Inspectorate Sibiu County

    Anca VoienagAnca Mihaela VOINEAG is teacher of computer science, school inspector at School Inspectorate Sibiu County.
    She is responsable of monitoring and evaluating the informatics activities and european projects in county of Sibiu. In the ELENA project she is researcher teacher

  • Árpád Vajda

    Vajda ArpadMr Vajda graduated from university holding a BA in biology and chemistry. He has extensive experience in teaching community development, curriculum development, training, organizing and coordinating professional and methodological services; establishing and coordinating a professional network. With his comprehensive knowledge and long history in trainings he supported the teachers in the ELENA project during the training.

  • Bernd Schwaiger holds a German degree in public administration and is the Administrative Director at the ANL

    P1 ANL Bernd SchwaigerBernd Schwaiger holds a German degree in public administration and is the Administrative Director at the ANL. He worked as a clerk at the district of Upper Bavaria from 1993 onwards. Between 1995 and 2008 he was employed by the District Office Berchtesgadener Land at the Office for Children, Youth and Families as a group leader in the area of "Economic Aid”. Since the end of 2008 he is working as a Administrative Director at the ANL.

  • Corina Văleanu

    P5 S.G.21 Corina OlteanuShe is a biology teacher. Currently she is the leader of the Ecology Club in our school. Her role in the project is to conduct the activities with children and with the other members of our school based on the chapters from Tiere Live and to participate in training courses, teachers training courses for the cascading.

  • Dr. Christian Stettmer, scientist with PH.D. in Biology, is Head of the Department

    P1 ANL Christian StettmerDr. Christian Stettmer, scientist with PH.D. in Biology, is Head of the Department “Applied Science and International Cooperation” at the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management. Actual he is researcher and teacher for national and international courses, trainings and workshops in various ecological economical contexts, focusing on protection of nature and environment. He was scientific coordinator in more than twenty research projects in cooperation with GO´s, NGO´s, educational institutions and companies for a sustainable use and management of ecosystems. He was associated partner in the EU-project “MAcMAn”. He is author and editor of books, teaching materials and more than 30 scientific publications. He is overall manager of the ELENA project.

  • Dr. Martin Eiblmaier has studied biochemistry and biology

    Martin EiblmayerDr. Martin Eiblmaier has studied biochemistry and biology. He worked with live animals as Missouri Master Naturalist in the USA, and as biologist of a biological field station in Costa Rica, each time with a focus on biodiversity. Recently he has been teaching biology at a school in Germany and acquired the degree 'Master of Education'. He is participating in the biological monitoring of diurnal butterflies.

  • Dr. Wolfram Adelmann, scientist with PH.D. in Biology

    P1 ANL Wolfram AdelmannDr. Wolfram Adelmann, scientist with PH.D. in Biology, was working in different conservation and research projects. Post-doc/ executive engineer within the federal research project: "Strategies for peat land conservation within climate change". As senior scientist at the chair of vegetation science, teaching environmental planning, population biology, geographical information system application, special species knowledge and conservation biology at the Technische Universität München. Actual he is working at the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management (ANL) as coordinator for research and international cooperation. He is content manager of the ELENA project and supports the financial management.

  • Elisabeth Brandstetter

    Elisabeth.BrandstetterElisabeth Brandstetter is working for the administrative post of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Berchtesgadener Land with focus on education for sustainable development since 2014. She is geographer (MSc.) and focused on landscape ecology, sustainable development and alpine ecology during her studies. As a member of the working group Landscape and Sustainable Development she worked as scientific staff at the Department of Geography & Geology at the University of Salzburg before.

  • Eva Markovics – module development, piloting

    Eva MarkovicsShe is a secondary school teacher of Hungarian Literature and also of Mathematics, which gives her a special view for interdisciplinary work. She has been working with Rogers Foundation since 2012 as a teacher and mentor. She also has experience in dog re-educational projects and organizes community projects in Herceghalom, her place of living.


  • Judit Ratz – dissemination, administration

    Judit RatzShe has been working at Humusz Waste Prevenion Alliance as a project manager for 8 years, she has participated in the implementation of several national and international projects on environmental protection such as awareness raising, attitude forming, researching, and developing Zero Waste Network. She helps Rogers Foundation at the financial, administrative part of international projects and at disseminational activities.

  • Julia Heltai

    Julia HeltaiBeing a student of pedagogy at the Eotvos Lorand University, Julia has been working as a volunteer in Rogers Foundation since 2012. She is specialized on experiential / adventure pedagogy, and has worked as a trainer of this area for three years.


  • Kakha Jgenti

    kakha jgentiKakha Jgenti is a program manager of "Teacher Professional Development Scheme” at National Center for Teacher Professional Development. He is biologist with master degree in High Mountain Plants Ecology, Ecology. He graduated from Tbilisi State University also from Tbilisi Theological Academy
    Kakha has an experience of working as scientist at Georgian Academy of Science Institute of Botany in a High Mountain plants Ecology laboratory.
    He is a founder and director of St. Eqvtime and Giorgi Mtatsmindelebi Orthodox School

  • Kata Kostyal – module development, piloting

    Katalin KostyalShe is a general teacher for 1-4 grades of primary education, and was one of the founders of the Rogers Person-Centred School, where she has worked from 1990, first as a general teacher, later as a secondary school teacher, and finally, since the foundation of the Rogers Academy, as a mentor for pupils, assisting them in both mental and studying problems. She participated in different environmental education projects before, having a good view of „translating” scientific issues into the language of pupils using experiental education methods.

  • Katalin Csizmazia – research, module development

    Katalin CsizmaziaShe has been a secondary school teacher (English-Spanish) for nearly 30 years, a founder and the director of the secondary school part of the Rogers School, and now of the Rogers Academy. She has a large scale of competencies regarding curriculum building, resource development and educational issues. She is regularly contracted for educational expert tasks at the Hungarian educational sector. She has developed curriculums and materials - among other themes - on school democracy, social skills, English culture, Media, Talent-development, Project-Based Teaching of Humanities, Project Method, Sustainable Development

  • Katalin Czippan, teacher

    P1 ANL Katalin CzippanKatalin Czippan, teacher, having experience in the field of education for sustainable development from nature camps to policy making, from kindergarten to public officers; experienced project manager and coordinator of national and international programs and projects. Among the others as a member of the Hungarian Society for Environmental Education she analysed case studies collected by the Support network to see what kind of changes were caused in the learning processes by working in partnerships solving “real world” challenges. Based on the analysis she has been a co-author of the book Collaboration and Education for Sustainable Development, 2010. She is a member and European representative of the Commission on Education and Communication at IUCN. Recently she works for ANL as the international coordinator of the ELENA project.

  • Katalin Erdős

    Kata ErdosMs Erdős was working at Junior Achievement Hungary as a project assistant coordinating teacher training courses and supervising program implementations in schools. She was involved in providing the technical and administrative support for the ELENA project.

  • Levente Turoczi – dissemination, administration

    Levente TurocziLevente started his NGO carrier as a ranger group and camp organizer back in the 1990s. Since 1996 he has worked for Rogers Foundation in several positions, currently he is the executive manager of the organization. He is also responsible for the PR activities of the Foundation, and works in Rogers Academy as the mentor for outdoor learning activities.

  • Manana Ratiani

    MananaManana Ratiani is Deputy Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development and a FP of ESD at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. She has an experience of being teacher of geography at International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. In 2004 she received PhD for analyzing Educational System of Georgia. From the very beginning of reforms in education she started to work at National Curriculum and Development Center and contributed to develop main normative documents, such as National Curriculum and Teachers’ professional standard. She developed ESD competences document as an expert of the Expert Group on ESD Competences of UNECE. She is an invited professor of Ilia State University. Together with a group of education experts she developed Teachers’ Entry into Profession, Professional Development, and Career Advancement Scheme. She authored more than 50 scientific and methodological books and articles.


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